Cosmetics are a staple product in every bathroom cabinet across the globe. Women are
constantly upgrading their beauty lifestyles, and along with them, so is the quality of the
products they use. Nowadays, with a rapid increase in beauty brands and products entering
the global market, brands have become ever more competitive in order to succeed and
stand out. As a result, in order for brands to maintain consumer loyalty, while also grabbing
the attention of a potential buyer, effective packaging design is as essential as the quality of
their products.
Companies like Lesopack, a leading manufacturer of cosmetics packaging in the global
beauty industry, are helping cosmetics brands make greater strides in this ever competitive
industry. It takes a packaging manufacturer intensively up to date with current trends and
technology to help brands keep up with the rising standards of today’s consumers. Given
below is a list of things to consider when designing and developing your packaging, as
recommended by expert cosmetics packaging manufactures.
Packaging and what to consider
Packaging design is essentially a means of grabbing a potential buyer’s attention. Good
cosmetic packaging design is a combination of attention paid to both aesthetics and
function. Fundamentally, cosmetic packaging was meant to conceal the product from any
damage and protect its contents from any harmful bacteria. Combined with creative and
interesting design, cosmetics brands use packaging design for a plethora of means. Today, a
brands packaging speaks of its image, its narrative, and the quality of its products.
When considering effective cosmetic packaging design solutions, there a few details to pay
attention to.

  • Define your ideal target audience – An important step when considering cosmetic
    packaging design is figuring out who the end user of your product is. Who is buying
    the product? This ideal consumer who relates to your brands values or is influenced
    by one or more aspects of your brands identity. Who is the person that is lifting the
    product of the shelves? Determining their target audience can help brands
    understand what kind of look they want to give their packaging.
  • Brand personality – It goes without saying that in this exciting new digital age, where
    everything is peak of its time, brands are ever changing in order to stay relevant and
    are being constantly updated with the current happenings. Brands need to speak
    with their own voice and make their own claims as an entity in order to get noticed.
    This personality can be defined through narrative, artwork, shape and colour, or even
    through interaction with the material itself.
  • Simple and Minimalistic design – Keen attention should be paid to the aesthetics of a
    product and its packaging. A current trend that is gaining mass popularity is
    minimalistic design. Incorporating simple fonts and simple bold colours in your design
    that clearly articulates your brands message, while omitting all the clutter goes a long
    way in improving the aesthetics of your product packaging while also sending out a
    message as to your brands identity.
  • Metallic, Matte and gold foiling – Metallic shiny packaging gives a luxurious, visually
    appealing air that is desirable to many audiences. Gold foiling and stamping is
    another way to achieve that royal and elegant look that communicates luxury and
    exclusivity. Also popular is the matte finish look, with growing use evident in many
    cosmetics packaging design.
  • Environment friendly – Given the environmental peril the world is in due to global-
    warming, Eco-friendliness is growing concern with today’s consumers. Beyond the
    fact that eco-friendly packaging is sustainable, reusable, recyclable and better for the
    earth, it also reflects a strong brand image as many consumers feel they are able to
    contribute to a greener earth by purchasing products that encourage eco-
  • Create an experience – Many brands interact with their consumers on a personal and
    direct level. With the advent of social media, larger sections of the global population
    are beginning to spend more time online. Major brands take advantage of this and
    utilize it to send their message across. People can have a conversation about the
    brand online and that helps consumers understand the experience with the product
    and the brand even better.
  • Complement the product – The design and function of packaging should always
    complement the product inside in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing
  • Break the monotony – When you have a cosmetic product that is also available
    elsewhere, the competition becomes tougher. Using innovative cosmetic packaging
    solutions that take risks and are different can help shift sales towards a brand.
  • Style – Style is the most significant aspect of your brand, packaging or any design.
    Style reflects character and personality; it also evokes a catered experience in the
    consumer when holding or interacting with a product that is refined, as opposed to
    interacting with a product that is just serving its function.
  • Be creative – Being creative with your cosmetic packaging design can bring multiple
    benefits. Doing the unexpected, by making use of space and limitations, and changing
    the way a person sees the product can interest consumers into making a purchase
    decision based purely on curiosity. Many successful brands have redefined the
    meaning of marketing a product simply because of how they utilised their packaging.

Finding the best cosmetic packaging manufacturers to suit your needs
Lesopack delivers high quality cosmetic packaging to leading cosmetic suppliers all over
the world. With the global cosmetic market exploding over the last decade, we help
brands compete and explore new directions; experimenting with visual communication
and functionality, as well as product and packaging shelf life, Lesopack stays up to date
and continues to be the bridge between brands and cosmetic suppliers to ensure that
consumers receive the best this modern world has to offer.
With a customer base spanning Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North America, as
well as Russia, Lesopack specialises in packaging supplies, cosmetic tubes, cosmetic
bottles and containers.
Manufacturing and supplying some of the most durable, high quality and elegant
cosmetic packaging options available on the market, Lesopack offers packaging solutions
on par with the highest of industry standards in cosmetics packaging.

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