Since the dawn of trade, packaging was nothing more than a protective shell to ensure its
contents stay safe. With the industrialisation of the world, packaging was revolutionised for
the first time when it took on a new clause to its definition; it was just as much a statement
of identity than it was a protective shell. The 21 st century saw packaging revolutionised a
second time, now with an emphasis on durability, efficiency, eco-friendliness and design.
Today, packaging has long surpassed its singular purpose of being nothing more than a
protective shell. Now packaging contains a narrative that speaks about its brand, its history,
and its consumers.
The global cosmetic packaging market was valued at USD 27.87 billion in 2018, and is
expected to reach about 35.7 billion by 2024. In a world just as much virtual as it is real,
where anything you could ever need is just a couple of clicks away, the demand for durable,
high-end packaging has never been higher. E-commerce has transformed the way
consumers interact with vendors, and how vendors interact with consumers. When once
brick and mortar establishments held sway over how consumers got to their products, e-
commerce has made it so that products are brought straight to the consumer.
Just had how the interactions between vendors and consumers had evolved with the
coming of e-commerce, so had the role played by product packaging. Now more than ever,
product packaging was at the forefront at establishing a brands identity. Accordingly,
packaging manufacturers improved upon on their capabilities to produce even better,
cheaper, more robust, and beautiful packaging to keep up with the ever-rising standards
kept by today’s brands of cosmetics.
Packaging trends and social media
Changing the world in its own way, social media made just as much of an impact as e-
commerce on how vendors and consumers interact. With 2 billion people on social media in
2018, and over 3 billion of the world’s population expected to be on it by 2021, social media
is a prime factor influencing many purchase decisions as buyers aim to stay relevant and up
to date with the latest trends and designs. Consequently, most brands are using their social
media image to generate more interaction with their product and brand.
In the YouTube community alone, there were more than 45,000 YouTube channels
specialising in fashion and beauty related content. As of 2016, there were more than 5.3
million beauty videos on YouTube, and 80 percent of the top 200 beauty videos were made
by beauty vloggers as opposed to beauty brands. Each month, over 50 million people watch
over 1.6 billion minutes of consumer-created fashion and beauty videos on YouTube. With
so many eyes on the unveiling and use of beauty products on consumer-created channels
dedicated solely to reviewing beauty products, the role played by product packaging has
never been more vital.
Packaging and sustainability

Another major aspect for many shoppers, apart from luxury and design, is sustainability.
With sustainability being the current buzz word, most brands are shifting towards earth
friendly and environmentally safe packaging that supports the idea of zero waste and a
clean earth. Many cosmetic companies are creating packaging supplies that are reusable
and organic, allowing consumers to indulge in the purchase while feeling at ease with their
conscious by making a contribution towards a cleaner earth.
Sustainability is an important factor for many consumers that have strong values against
harming the environment. This accounts for a growing population amongst global
consumers, and rightfully so. Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, paying attention
to sustainable packaging options can help a brands reputation and image.
Packaging and design
Transparent and clean labels
Transparent and clean tables are another design trend that continues to grow. Products and
their packaging are going back to minimal designs that are easy to read and clean edged.
Designers are using bold gradients, along with shimmer and metallic looks that evoke the
feeling of simple, elegant and timeless luxury.
Individuality and personalization
Individuality and personalized packaging is another emerging trend that is growing amongst
global consumers and cosmetic brands. Consumers like buying products that they feel cater
to their individual tastes and needs. This opens brands up to wider markets, helping them
cater to broader, more personalised audiences.
Flexibility and ease of transport
Easy to transport and flexible packaging has seen high demand too. It’s been proven that
consumers prefer travel-sized containers, especially when it comes to cosmetic bottles and
cosmetic supplies. Ease of use is a defining factor when it comes to most cosmetics, with
popular cosmetic brands opting for more tactile and efficient packaging options.
Curiously, consumers have also shown a preference for click and close caps. The nostalgic
nature of the sound, along with the audial assurance and satisfactory closure of the product
has been a feature sought by many consumers.
Functional Packaging
Functional packaging creates a more interactive experience with the consumer. Potential
buyers are less inclined to notice the price tag when your packaging draws all the attention.
Finding a manufacturer for your packaging
Finding the right manufacturer for your packaging is essential to upholding your brand’s
integrity. Brands need a manufacturer updated on emerging trends, one that is capable of
providing packaging holding up to their standards and specifications.

Lesopack is one of the pioneering cosmetic packaging companies in the global cosmetic
packaging market. Supplying to customers all around the world, from Southeast Asia, Japan,
Korea, Europe, North America, as well as in Russia, Lesopack delivers high-quality services
that adhere to punctuality and customer expectation.
Lesopack understands how well-made and digitally-advanced packaging solutions can
enhance cosmetic products to be made more desirable. Production value and quality add an
extension of luxury, refinement and reliability.
In the wholesale cosmetic market, packaging is beyond just initial purchase expenditure.
Ultimately, the outlook of a product and the quality of its packaging will be a defining
contributing factor as to what gives a product its value, especially in a world where a brand’s
survivability depends on its social media marketing and promotion.

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