Cosmetics brands spend pay top dollar each year with their packaging. After all, a brand’s products
are synonymous with its identity and reputation. Accordingly, a rigorous amount of thought and
effort goes into a brands product packaging. The production value that goes into a brand’s
containers is just as significant as the production value that goes into the products they carry.
Today’s high-end cosmetics bottles are so well made and gorgeous in their design that many of us
feel a pang of guilt when we’re forced to throw an empty container away. A couple of decades ago
these convenient little containers would have been the envy of millions, and they’d be appalled to
find out that most of us today throw them out without a second though.
With a little effort and ingenuity, your old plastic cosmetic pump bottles could be given new life.
Beyond the convenience these refillable bottles afford us, it goes a long way in helping us keep our
carbon footprint small. There are many ways in which we can recycle these cosmetic bottles for new
use. Given below is a list of ways we can reuse cosmetic pump bottles.

Why reuse empty cosmetic pump bottle?
With a bit of DIY and imagination, the uses of empty cosmetic pump bottles could be endless. Save
money on expensive dispensers and containers when you can recycle your empty cosmetic products
for the same purpose.
Going a step further beyond convenience, recycling old cosmetic containers can help greatly with
reducing your carbon footprint. As an individual, and as a species, it is our duty to make as small a
carbon footprint as we can. Given the alarming rates at which plastic is being produced and thrown
away, even the smallest contribution towards a greener earth can add up to make a drastic impact.

How to open an empty cosmetic pump bottle
Before we go about thinking of ways to reuse old cosmetic pump bottles, we need to open up and
clean them first. Different brands use different types of cosmetic pump bottles. While some of them
have tops that could be simply twisted around to open them up, others require a little more effort
and a handful of supplies. If you happen to have the latter type, the ones without the twisting top,
follow these easy steps and you’ll have your empty containers ready for a new purpose in no time.
You’ll need the following items to go on ahead.

  • Empty cosmetic pump bottle
  • A razor blade or a very sharp object to shimmy the top off
  • Popsicle stick (Optional – used to scrape the remaining contents off for use)
  • Hot soapy water
    Step 1 – Remove the protective plastic wrapped around the top. In most cases this should be quite
    easy. On the off chance that the plastic is being annoyingly resistive to your efforts, simply use a
    razor blade or knife to make small cut along the plastic wrapping. Once a tear has been cut through,
    the plastic wrapping should be easy to pull off.
    Step 2 – Use the razor blade, or any object sharp enough to fit through the crease in-between the
    top and the bottle, and shimmy it towards the top. This should pop it right off. Be careful as not to
    hurt yourself as some of these tops might be fitted on quite tight.
    Step 3 (Optional) – Once you’ve got the top opened up, a popsicle stick is ideal to scrape out the
    remainder of the containers contents. Should you wish to save it for later use, old airtight cosmetic
    supplies could be reused to store it in.
    Step 4 – Use hot soapy water to rinse out whatever is left behind. Leaving the containers submerged
    for about 5 minutes should make it easier to scrub out the last bits. Once dried out, you are ready to
    give your old containers new life.

Ways to re-use old cosmetic pump bottles
Given below are some great ways in which you could reuse old cosmetic pump bottles. Keep in mind
that its recyclable uses are not limited to these examples, but go so far as your imagination allows it.
So we hope that these ideas will further inspire you to think of ways in which you could benefit from
recycling old cosmetic supplies.
Soap Dispensers – Old cosmetic pump bottles are ideal soap dispensers. Perfect for kitchen sinks and
bathrooms, these old plastic bottles are an inexpensive, easy to use, easy to refill alternative to soap
Shampoo/Conditioner Containers – Cosmetic pump bottles also work very well as shampoo
containers. Fill one up with shampoo of your choice and place it near your bath for a quick and easy
shampoo dispenser.
Hand Cream/Body Cream – Another useful way to recycle your old containers would be to use them
to store your creams. As an easy cream dispenser on your work station, for quick access on the go or
at home, reusing cosmetic pump bottles could save you a lot of time and effort.
Salad Dressing Pump – Interestingly, plastic cosmetic pump bottles are perfect for pumping put salad
dressing. Fill up a thoroughly cleaned container with salad dressing and you have a handy salad
dressing pump ready dole out at a pumps notice.
Homemade Sauce Dispensers – For those culinary adventurers amongst you, old cosmetic pump
bottles make perfect sauce dispensers for homemade sauces. Depending on the consistency of your
sauce, refillable pump bottles make efficient, easy to control sauce dispensers.

Finding the best cosmetic pump bottles
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