Cosmetic packaging is a billion-dollar industry; every year millions of women invest in
beauty products all over the world, and beauty brands are fighting tooth-and-nail for a
bigger slice of the makeover pie. Cosmetics companies are constantly and relentlessly
competing to stay relevant and interesting, and the more brands that are out there
competing, the harder it is for them to vie for that increasingly precious real-estate that is
consumer attention.
To this end, brands are always trying on new things and experimenting with different ideas.
Product packaging has proven to be an essential weapon on this war for consumer minds
and hearts, leading to many cosmetics companies developing gorgeous and effective
product packaging too good to throw away. These stunning works of modern design could
be reused for a plethora of other uses. Be it to store your home-made beauty products, as
little containers to store a few knick-knacks, or practically anything your mind can think of,
old cosmetics supplies could be delightful and convenient solutions to everyday problems.
Cleaning used cosmetics containers
Dazzling as these little jars and containers may be, getting them ready for reuse could be
quite a hassle. Although handling and washing these cosmetic bottles, lotion bottles and
containers may not exactly be a daunting process, a little information on how to do it
efficiently could go a long way in saving some time and effort.
What you need
To get started, you will need the following tools:

  • A brush (A toothbrush should do fine)
  • Dishwasher Liquid
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A bucket (One big enough to soak your containers)
  • Empty cosmetics containers
    Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, follow the below steps to get your old cosmetics
    containers sparkly clean.
  1. Step one – The first step is to rinse the product under running water just to get the
    extras out. (If it is a heavy product you’re dealing with, use a brush or your hands to
    dispose of it into a bag. Clogging up your pipes is the last thing you need)
  2. Step two – Use a brush to scrub the rest of whatever is left behind in the container.
    Do as much of a thorough job as you can, it will be easier on the next step if most of
    the containers contents have been scrubbed off.
  3. Step three – Fill a bucket with hot water and add a healthy dose of dishwashing
    liquid into it. Next, drop your scrubbed out containers into the bucket of water and
    swirl them around for a few minutes, after which you want to leave them soaking for
    a few hours. A day should be plenty. The next morning you should see the oils and

other residue floating around in the water. If you find that there is still product
residue left behind after cleansing the container, add a solution of rubbing alcohol
into a fresh bucket and let your containers sit in it for a while. This alcohol will easily
remove whatever stubborn bits of product still remaining. This is one of the most
effective methods to clean out cosmetics containers.

  1. Step four – Let them dry! Let the products dry out on a napkin or dry cloth, after
    which you can neatly wipe the containers and lotion bottles and refill it. You can also
    add another solution of rubbing alcohol to make sure to get any stains completely
    By following these quick and easy steps you could have your old cosmetics supplies
    sparkling new, ready for use.
    With a bit of DIY and imagination, the uses of empty cosmetic pump bottles could be
    endless. Going a step further beyond convenience, recycling old cosmetic containers can
    help greatly with reducing your carbon footprint. As an individual, and as a species, it is our
    duty to make as small a carbon footprint as we can. Given the alarming rates at which
    plastic is being produced and thrown away, even the smallest contribution towards a
    greener earth can add up to make a drastic impact.
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