Airless pump bottles are the new craze taking over the cosmetics industry. Born of 21st century tech and a growing demand for effective and long lasting packaging solutions, the benefits of airless pump bottles are being recognised by consumers, brands and packaging manufacturers the world over.

Plaguing the cosmetics industry was an inability to maintain longer shelf life than what regular spray bottles could provide. Along with an inability to properly provide packaging solutions for products with no or very limited amounts of preservatives, the cosmetics industry sought an answer for this inhibiting problem. That answer came with the development of airless pump bottles. Since their availability to consumers, cosmetics brands and packaging manufacturers have significantly increased in their ability to provide global consumers with longer lasting products in longer lasting packaging.

Below, we will discuss the benefits provided to us by airless pump bottles, and the mechanics that makes them such and efficient and noteworthy addition to the packaging arsenal available to cosmetics brands packaging manufacturers.

Benefits of airless pump bottles

Regular spray bottles have always had the flaw of being unable sustain a protective barrier from the ambient air surrounding the product it contained inside it. This made them unsuitable for delicate cosmetics products that required a more airtight packaging solution. Nonetheless, the absence of an effective solution made it so that standard model of spray bottles utilising traditional drip tubes were the norm.

The invention of airless pump bottles opened up a world of possibilities for cosmetics brands and packaging manufactures alike. Finally, there was a packaging solution that catered to the ever increasingly delicate lines of skincare products put out by cosmetics brands.

Airless pump bottles were designed to protect sensitive products like natural skin care creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams by preventing them from excessive exposure to ambient air. With a growing trend in natural skincare products in the global cosmetics market, airless pump bottles immediately filled up a vacancy that had long been held vacant, or at least by unsuitable candidates of packing solutions available at the time. The partial vacuum provided by airless pump bottles increases product shelf life by an estimated 15%. Along with its protective capabilities and its longer shelf life, the functioning mechanics behind an airless pump bottle leaves little of the containing product inside to waste, extracting almost every last bit of the product for consumer use. Moreover, they are less prone to malfunction as opposed to their standard counterparts. As a result, the popularity of airless pump bottles has taken the cosmetics industry by storm.

Many brands have opted for the protective benefits and longer shelf life afforded to their products by airless pump bottles over the long held standard of old-school, regular spray bottles with their dip tubes. Furthermore, as the demand for cleaner, more natural skin care products rise in the global cosmetics markets, so are airless pump bottles favoured by more and more cosmetics brands.

How airless pump bottles work

A real leap forward in cosmetics packaging technology, airless pump bottles have very simple functional mechanics. However modest in its mechanics, this packaging solution has changed the way we utilise pump bottles.

An airless pump bottle prevents air exposure by using a diaphragm, instead of the traditional drip tube, that rises to assist in withdrawing the product that is contained inside.

An airless pump bottle works by pressing the airless pump located on the top near or on the cap, which creates a vacuum effect extracting the air out of the tube. The serum, pulled up by the extracted air inside the tube caused by the pressing of the pump, along with a plate that sits beneath the serum, which too is being pulled up by the extraction of the air, is pulled to the top. All the while, a tiny air intake whole at the bottom of the can allows air to fill the space beneath the plate, helping pushing it and the serum upwards.

This method of functionality leaves little to waste, extracting almost every bit of product inside for use. Though exceedingly simple, these unassuming ideas that make up how an airless pump bottle work makes the packaging solution ideal for today’s cosmetics packaging needs.

Finding the best manufacturers of airless pump bottles

Lesopack is an international cosmetics packaging company catering to the global market. With a customer base spanning Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North America, as well as Russia, Lesopack specialises in packaging supplies, cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles and containers.

Manufacturing and supplying some of the most durable, high quality and elegant cosmetic airless pump bottles on the market, Lesopack offers packaging solutions on par with the highest of industry standards in cosmetics packaging.

Lesopack understands how well-made and digitally-advanced packaging solutions can enhance cosmetic products to be made more desirable. Production value and quality add an extension of luxury and refinement.

In the wholesale cosmetic market, packaging is beyond initial purchase expenditure. Ultimately, it is the outlook of a product and the quality of its packaging, whether it be a cosmetic bottle or dispensing pumps, will be a defining contributing factor as to what gives a product its value in terms of social media marketing and promotion.

In Conclusion

Airless pump bottles have a great many benefits. Its intrinsic functioning mechanics allows cosmetics brands and packaging manufacturers provide consumers with the greatest packaging solutions, with the most rewarding benefits, since the invention of pump bottles. Not only has it revolutionised the way in which consumers utilise spray bottles and cosmetic products, but it has also given us the capability to make the most of some of the most natural skin care products science has conjured up.

When considering packaging solutions for your brands products, it is vital that all necessary points of interest be thoroughly investigated. Choosing the right product packaging with the most right packaging manufacturer can go a long with maintaining your brands values and message.

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